The Musée Extraordinaire in Ansouis

On a trip to the village of Ansouis, among the most beautiful villages in France, an exploration of this extraordinary museum is perfect for families and those who have retained their ability to marvel!

Created by Georges Mazoyer, artist–painter and scuba diver, as well as a colleague of Jacques Cousteau, this museum is now run by his daughter and son-in-law who will greet you with a very friendly welcome and infectious enthusiasm.

A real getaway in deepest Luberon, you'll be led into another world as you enter a succession of vaults from the Middle Ages.

We recommend:
  • the outdoor Sea sculptures,
  • the reproduction of the blue lagoon,
  • the Luberon fossils,
  • the enchanting blue coral cave.

Rue du vieux Moulin – 84240 ANSOUIS – France

Prepare for your visit to the Musée Extraordinaire